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Fighting for Charity supporting the Charlie Watkins Foundation

Next week is Mental Health Awareness week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. This year, they are focusing on stress. Research has shown that two thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our life time with stress being a key factor of this. The NHS states that physical activity can reduce stress and other cognitive declines.

With this in mind, on Friday 18th May 2018, Fighting for Charity will be putting on a boxing night at York Hall, the home of British boxing in Bethnal Green in order to raise funds for the Charlie Watkins Foundation.

Fighting for Charity was founded by Jamie Toff in 2013 who wanted to take his own experience as a boxer to train others and try and raise as much as possible for charity.

Jamie first became involved in white collar boxing in 2003, and has had over 25 fights, winning both the British and European white collar cruiser weight titles. Fighting for Charity’s first event in 2013 raised funds in conjunction with Action Aid and Victoria’s Water Project and raised over £34,000.

Fighting for Charity has worked with many charities including Prostate Cancer UK, the November Foundation, the School of Hard Knocks, the Royal Marsden, Operation Smile, Breast Cancer Care and Fighting Ependymoma, raising over £220,000 to date.

The white collar boxing night in aid of the Charlie Watkins Foundation next Friday will see sixteen brave fighters step into the ring to go toe-to-toe to support the Charlie Watkins Foundation and our projects.

It’s not too late to buy your tickets for this event, you can follow this link to get yours. If you like the sound of Fighting for Charity and want to get involved yourself, you can follow this link.