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In our own words…

This is a package of resources for parents, carers, teachers, and others who want to support the mental health of children and young people. This comprehensive collection of resources is the product of a collaboration between the Charlie Watkins Foundation, Charlie Waller Trust and Boys In Mind. 

It comprises:

  • Two video scenarios of adults interacting with young people. They show common responses to distress which don’t go so well, followed by ‘better’ responses.
  • A set of videos of children and young people describing what they find helpful from adults when they’re feeling sad, angry, or frightened; how they know when adults are listening to them; and how adults can encourage children and young people to talk to them.
  • A written guide to accompany the videos.

Trigger warning: the written guide and one of the video scenarios include content related to supporting a young person experiencing thoughts of suicide.

Video Scenarios


Josie is struggling with difficult feelings. This video shows two responses an adult might have, one which goes better than the other.


Raman reaches out to his father for help. This video shows two responses from his father – the second goes better than the first.

These two videos were produced by Haleem Clift and Jesse Roth from Rexton Films.

A guide to using the videos

The guide aims to help you get the most from the videos. It is divided into three main sections: an introduction, a set of practical strategies, and some pages of helpful information.

We hope you find it useful.

The guide was written by Charlie Waller Mental Health Trainer, Sarah Ashworth.