Corporate partnerships

We have corporate partnerships with a wide range of organisations, large and small, take a variety of forms but they all play an especially important part in our work.

Some businesses choose to dedicate a week or even a month of fundraising to the Charlie Watkins Foundation instead of the whole year. 

Take a look at some of the businesses who have helped us:

Choose the Charlie Watkins Foundation to be your Charity of the Year

1 in 4 people will experience
a mental health problem in their life time

While there are many people that suffer with mental health problems, it is still a taboo when it comes to talking about it and seeking help.

Every year in the workplace, around 72 million days are lost in absence due to mental illnesses (MHFA England)

This year, show your support for not only your employees, but to everyone suffering with a mental illness.

38% of Brits fear revealing a mental health problem at work would jeopardise their career
 (Mental Health Foundation)

Choosing us to be your charity of the year is a great way to show you care and help a worth while cause at the same time.

Some may choose us as their formal charity partner, for a year or longer. Others will sponsor a Charlie Watkins Foundation event. Some companies organise a one-off fundraising effort and others support us through gifts in kind.

We always strive to work to mutual benefit, and we will always be vocal and endorse your support to your target audiences and to let you know on a regular basis how your kindness has made a difference.

Can you help?

To register your interest in having the Charlie Watkins Foundation as your charity of the year, contact us.