Mental health in the workplace

Did you know that one in six workers experience mental health problems including depression and anxiety? Mental health in the workplace is far more common than you might think.

This can be due to all sorts of things including work overload and colleague clashes, but there are plenty of things you can do to help with your mental wellbeing at work. Take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Taking your full lunch break hour Go outside if you can for your lunch break, the fresh air will help! Also make sure you take your full lunch break hour, so you can properly take a break from doing your work.

Listen to a song whilst you work If you’re feeling stressed and you’re allowed, listen to a calming song. It can help you relax and focus – meaning you can get back into work a lot more effectively! Here’s some inspiration on what to listen to!

Get the work-life balance right Always make sure you’re creating clear boundaries between work and home. This will mean that once you have some downtime, you’ll be able to completely switch off from work. This will enable you to be a lot more focused and switched on when you go back into work.

Ask for help You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. If you feel your workload is getting too much, speak to your supervisor – they will be able to help you to prioritise and reduce your workload if needed. Here’s some ideas on how to talk to your supervisor about it

Evidence suggests that 12.7% of all absences in the UK are due to mental health. As well as the tips you can do for yourself, there are also precautions your employer can do to reduce this in the workplace. Follow this link to see how your employer can help.