Did you not get the results you were hoping for?

The last couple of weeks will have been incredibly intense and stressful for young people. In August every year, GCSE and A-Level results are made available, which go on to determine what your next steps may be. If you didn’t get the results you were hoping for, you don’t need to fret. There are plenty of options available to you – the most important thing is to not panic.

For GCSEs:

  • On the day you get your results, your teachers will be on hand for support. You can speak to them about anything that is troubling you and they will offer you advice on what to do next.

  • You can also investigate getting your papers remarked to see if anything has been missed.

  • If you’ve missed your place at sixth form or college, it’s always worth enquiring with them to see if they will still accept you, especially if there were mitigating circumstances.

For A-Levels:

  • If you’ve missed out on your chosen course, you can apply for a place in your course through clearing. Even though you might not go to your first choice university, you can still get the degree you desire.

  • You can always take a gap year after your A-Levels to decide what your next steps will be, that way there’s no pressure to decide away.

  • Similarly to GCSEs, you can get your papers remarked to check if anything has been missed.

It’s always tough when you get the results you’re not expecting, but there are always other options that can aid you. If you’ve just got into university, look at our blog at five things to look out for if you think your housemate is struggling with their mental health.