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Five low-budget care package ideas for a loved one

A care package can be a unique and well-received gift for someone who is having a tough time. Letting someone know that they are not alone and you care can really help someone’s mental health. Take a look at our top five low-budget care package ideas below and brighten someone’s day today.

1. A handwritten letter

Never underestimate the power of words. A handwritten letter can do so much more than a shop-bought gift. Taking the time to write to someone and explaining how loved they are and all the traits you like about them can boost their day considerably.

2. Coupons

Creating a booklet of coupons can be a fun, alternative gift. You can customise them to suit the type of care package you are sending. For example, for someone who is unwell, you can create a coupon that entitles them to an evening of watching movies with you, or having you make them cups of tea all day!

3. Baked goods

Are you particularly crafty in the kitchen? Baking is a simple, yet effective way of showing someone you care. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, creating a batch of scones or cookies will be much appreciated from the recipient!

4. A photo album

If your loved one is feeling down, reminding them of all the amazing memories they’ve had is a special gift. All you need to do is buy a photo album and print out their favourite pictures for you to go through together. This could also help initiate a conversation and help them to open up about their worries.

5. A good book

We all need some escapism sometimes. What better way is there to do this than to be transported to another world in the form of a good book? Purchase the book you have in mind and even include a note inside explaining why you chose this book for them.