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Pen Underwriting talks to The Charlie Watkins Foundation for Mental Health Day

To mark this years World Mental Health Day on October 10th, our charity partner, Pen Underwriting, engaged in a thoughtful podcast discussion with us to shed light on we are supporting the mental wellbeing of young children and adults.

The podcast, hosted by Matt Hope and Liz Abrahams, both integral members of Pen’s Inclusion and Diversity committee, delved into the impactful strides that we are making in the realm of mental health. Pen particularly put focus towards the proactive care that the we offer to both schoolchildren and university students, recognising the crucial need to identify periods of heightened stress and anxiety, especially during times of transition and change.

Check out the podcast below and can gain valuable insights into how we are making a difference:

Want to know more about how Pen Underwriting support the Charlie Watkins Foundation? Click here to watch the video shared at our One Pen Summer Conference earlier this year.