University of York Lacrosse Club remembers Charlie with the Charlie Watkins Shield

The University of York Lacrosse Club is more than just a sports team – it is a community that values camaraderie, sportsmanship, and giving back.

In 2017, the club lost Charlie, and this left a lasting impact on the team and its members.

We were delighted to have recently been contacted by the UYLC to say that they have made the Charlie Watkins Shield. This shield will be awarded to the winning team each year at the club’s Mixed League intra-club tournament, ensuring that Charlie’s memory and impact remain a fundamental part of the club’s culture. This is a symbol of the club’s commitment to supporting the Charlie Watkins Foundation for years to come.

The UYLC recognises the importance of continuing to support the foundation’s fantastic work and are dedicated to doing so for many years to come.