Get involved

Volunteering opportunities are vast; you could do a walk, a skydive or even shave your head for money.

Alternatively you could give your time to help with your skills and expertise with some of our operations,  such as promoting one of our campaigns or perhaps helping to organise one of our events.

Just remember that all the money you raise will be going towards helping young people who are facing mental health challenges around the UK.

As well as raising money to allow us to continue and expand our work, fundraising for the Charlie Watkins Foundation is a great way of raising the profile of what we do, and open up the conversation around mental health.

If you have an idea of how you or your friends would like to raise money, then get in touch at contact us. We would be very happy to support you and promote your efforts.

Take part in an event

The Charlie Watkins Foundation has an event for everyone and you take part in a number of ways anything from joining in, fundraising or helping us to organise an event!
Do check back here regularly for information on our current events. You can also take a look at some of our past events

Charlie's Champions

Charlie’s Champions

Charlie’s Champions come from a range of ages, backgrounds, and professions 
and they are visible and vocal in their support for the CWF’s mission.

Corporate partnerships

Our corporate partnerships are invaluable to us and play an important part in our work. Take a look at how your business can become a supporting partner of the Charlie Watkins Foundation.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering at the Charlie Watkins Foundation can not only be fun and rewarding and a useful experience, but it can be valuable in so many other ways.

Giving your time to help will make such a difference, whether it is at an event taking place, taking photographs for us to use, helping by providing information to our blogs,  offering to push details through social media, or just being there to support those who need it.

Leave a legacy

Whether you are making a will for the first time or simply changing an existing will, it is easier than you might think to leave a gift for future generations.

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Donate to the Charlie Watkins Foundation

We are funded by your generosity and we are so thankful to everyone who has been able to donate to us.
There are many ways to give, so do take a look at how you can make a difference